About Crazy Woman Water

Crazy Woman Water gets its name from the legendary Crazy Woman Mountain in Wyoming's Bighorn National Forest. Our water comes directly from the Madison Aquifer, over 6000 feet below the mountain's peaks.

Crazy Woman Water is "Naturally" enriched with high amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and silica. And unlike other waters, these vital body nutrients contain zero additives.We are most proud of our levels of magnesium as they allow the human body to absorb the water's other vitamins and minerals, further promoting a body's natural circulation.

Our water is "Naturally" sourced in Wyoming.

"Crazy Woman Water, premium artesian water direct from nature to you."

Peggy Drury - Founder

Peggy Drury's independent, entrepreneurial and charitable spirit inspired her to "find the purest water in North America and share it with the world."

Peggy grew up on a farm on the Santee Delta of South Carolina. With the Atlantic Ocean just a short boat ride away, Peggy developed a unique appreciation for anything to do with water and developed proficiency in: surfing, snorkeling, fishing, water skiing and sailing.

With her father, Peggy shared a love of horses and as a young girl her family regularly visited Wyoming, where much time was devoted horseback riding and fly fishing.

As a mother, Peggy decided to return to Wyoming to raise her two sons and she acquired a ranch at the foot of Crazy Woman Mountain. It was here that Peggy identified the source of Crazy Woman Artesian Water when she began drilling on her property and literally tapped into the Madison Formation Aquifer.